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Sue Silverman’s call to memoir

Everyone has a story.  And all our voices are important.—Sue William Silverman

Melissa Hart on her blog Butt to Chair interviews Sue William Silverman about her latest book, Fearless Confessions: A Writer’s Guide to Memoir. The author of two memoirs, Silverman makes a strong case for a the validity of memoir as a form of confession:

We’ve been accused of navel gazing.  The word “confessional” is used in a demeaning way, suggesting that we’re whining or complaining, along those lines.

So, though most of my new book is devoted to the craft of writing, I also included a chapter about what it really means to be a confessional writer.  I wanted to show how the word “confessional” is actually very positive, and I hope more and more of us write memoir.

Read Melissa’s whole interview, with links, here.

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