A deeply processed tribute to Nora Ephron. I admire it.

Superhero Underpants

I will miss you.

In today’s New York Times obit, Meryl Streep is quoted as calling you “stalwart.” Stalwart is something I’ve never been.

You weren’t a whiner.

I am.

I don’t like that about myself, but obviously not enough to make great inroads into changing. Husbot bears the brunt of it. But this is not a whiny post. This is about how you affected–and still affect–my life.

I remember when Mbot was six months old and I was feeling particularly sorry for myself, that I came upon a profile of you in The New Yorker. For a couple of months after reading the profile, I sucked it up. I kept my mouth shut when I wanted to whine. I looked on the bright side. I had more confidence in myself. I didn’t mind making enemies for the sake of saying something I believed. Yet at the same time…

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  1. Thank you, Richard. I’m glad that your reblog led me to your blog!

  2. Love it! Thanks for posting, Richard! Here’s my favorite line: “Being true to my need to document the ordinary has a temporary effect of whine-quelling.” Write on, Betsy!

  3. Thanks for reposting this, Richard, and thus leading me to Betsy’s terrific writing, not to mention the possibility of learning where I can get my own pair of Superhero Underpants.

    By the way, when I clicked “like” on Betsy’s tribute (only because I couldn’t think of anything wise or witty enough to add to the other comments), the annotated version of your Gravatar profile showed up and gave me a shock. Just at the “. . . ” point, it suggested the topic of your memoir is opera. I’m still grinning at the thought.