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We like the Oxford comma II

Thanks to Leslie Miller, friend and fellow blogger, who corrected some wit’s work and sent it to me. Quick as you please. She moved the series into proper order, per the drawing, and capitalized proper nouns. Hope the (surely visual) artist who did this doesn’t get mad. But then, s/he probably stole the idea from a book, maybe from Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

Here’s one I use in class to try to show the importance of commas, which most undergraduates will not use—unless they are using one to splice two independent clauses, of course:

“It’s time to eat, Grandma.”

“It’s time to eat Grandma.”


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Why we like the Oxford comma

Also known as the serial comma, and I’m a fan, too—legions of journalists and Cormac McCarthy notwithstanding . . .


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