Dubus & Russo wonder: Why Memoir?

Just two (famous) novelists enjoyin’ their coffee & nonfiction

Andre Dubus III and Richard Russo discuss their memoirs at The Daily Beast:

“How strange to write a memoir to find out what happens.”—Richard Russo, author of the forthcoming Elsewhere: A Memoir

 “I felt I was stepping into deep mysteries when supposedly I knew the story but didn’t.”—Andre Dubus III, author of Townie: A Memoir


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8 responses to “Dubus & Russo wonder: Why Memoir?

  1. I think a lot of people don’t like Dubus, but The House of Sand and Fog was a brilliant piece of literature that became a perfectly cast and true movie. I will listen to this interview.

  2. I love Dubus. I met him while he was touring for “Townie”, a spectacular book, by the way. I occasionally correspond with him over email. He’s incredibly grounded and unpretentious. I wrote about it at The Blog Itself: http://theblogitself.blogspot.com/2011/04/dubus-at-northshire.html

    Just a cool dude.

  3. I like both these guys, just from watching this clip! I write and teach memoir, and love that they love it too. I grew up near Russo’s hometown of Gloversville, in another mill town called Amsterdam, and I so identify with his comment about a physical change that happens whenever he gets near the place. Can’t wait to read Elsewhere.

    • Thanks for commenting, Linda. I do plan to reach both their memoirs. Any landscape we imprint upon when young does seem to resonate for us, no matter how many years pass.

  4. Thank you for this post. Our library book sale is soon, and I know a copy of Townie is in the mix with my name on it. ~

  5. Loved watching this–surprised at how much two writers had to say.