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Flannery O’Connor’s scary scowl

While searching for something else entirely, I came across this remarkable interview on Vimeo with Flannery O’Connor’s good friend Louise Abbot, who discusses O’Connor’s disdain for fame, among other things.

The unusual, very occasional blog where I found the interview link is The Role of Imagination in Literary Nonfiction, worth a visit. This quiet blog is about, according to its author, Colin Foote Burch:

• About the value of the nonfiction narrator’s subjective internal experience: real events that happen in thought and/or feeling

• About questions the narrator asks

• About metaphors, similes, analogies, speculation, daydreams, and fantasies that interpret events in the narrator’s mind (Emily Birx’s reading)

• Not about inventing events

• Not about claims of divine revelation

Burch says he started the blog when he taught a class by the same name at Queens University, Charlotte, North Carolina. Burch also edits the online publication Liturgical Credo, focused on “contemporary stories of faith and doubt.”


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