Getting words down & revising them

I can’t remember how I came across a wonderful vimeo video on  Writer Unboxed  by Yuvi Zalkow on his breakthrough in revising his born-dead novel. Zalkow describes himself on vimeo in his “failed writer series” as a “writer, storyteller, novelist, shame-ridden schmo, maker of online presentations about my failures (and occasional successes) as a writer.”

I can relate, having just had a great essay (trust me!) fail to win two contests and get rejected even as a submission. That’s what I get for composing my humble thank-yous in advance, albeit inwardly . . .

Zalkow’s followup video on managing his time (and expectations) as a writer is really good, too. He talks about making the best of what little time he has. This was a topic Bill Roorbach and Dave Gessner covered well recently, Bill in “Finding Time to Write” and “Thank Your Editor” and Dave in “The Value of Momentum” over at Bill & Dave’s Cocktail Hour.


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10 responses to “Getting words down & revising them

  1. Scribbly Jane

    Thanks Richard. I’ll check these out.

  2. Thank you..really informative!!

  3. theexile

    Interesting video. I liked the blend of technology. i guess he was using some program like Paint.

    Revision is where I get stuck so much when I write.

  4. I’ve learned to take your recommendations seriously, Richard, and these two videos are no exception. Fun and funny. Surprisingly relevant, even. I am wondering how I will continue my writing as a “grannynanny” in NYC next year, and that new baby Owen just might become my teacher!

  5. Thanks for posting this, Richard. I really like your blog!

    I just published another short video in the series. This one is about my zany technique for working on my book even with very little time to write. I’ve given the technique the un-catchy title of “bucket writing” 🙂

  6. I just discovered Yuvi Zalkow’s videos today. So much fun to see your post on them over a month ago! I have been out of things.