Visual art by Annie Dillard

Annie Dillard, having announced her retirement from writing, now paints and draws. That’s her  “Long Cloud,” above; to the right, her self portrait.

Her web site offers fine prints at $350; there’s a limit of ten to be sold of each. Proceeds go to Partners in Health, which provides medical services for the poor in developing countries. I stumbled across her artwork and have no idea whether these pieces are still available, but she lists a dealer to contact.

I’m unfit to evaluate visual art. But I know what I like, and I like Dillard’s images. A lot. And she’s priced them modestly.


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  1. I’m not an expert either, but we all know what we like, right? “Long Cloud” is gorgeous. One of my favorite books is “For the Time Being” and I had no idea that the author was now painting. Thanks for the link to Dillard’s website and a sneak peek at her artwork.