“Kathy” and Brevity’s blog

I have a guest post on Brevity’s blog discussing the narrative and structural choices I made in my essay “Kathy,” published recently by Brevity. I first analyzed the piece here, and so with the Brevity blog exegesis—not to mention this notice—I have now written more words about the essay than are in the essay itself.

I could go on. Which gives me the notion that writers might begin the practice of publishing essays that comment on their essays, books that explain brevitylogoxxand emend their books. Nonsense, you say. I say: look at the popularity of directors’ commentaries on DVDs. I wager that many readers would skip the book and read the “writer’s cut, with commentary.” It’s coming, and you read it here first.

The ostensibly blameless part of my motive for writing about my essay is the hope that it might help a few teachers teach “Kathy,” just as I was helped to teach Marcia Aldrich’s Winter 2008 Brevity essay “Not a Good Day for Planting Root Crops” by her explanation on Brevity’s blog.


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2 responses to ““Kathy” and Brevity’s blog

  1. John

    “Kathy” is absolutely beautiful!

  2. theexile

    Jim Harrison wrote an essay on his own poetry. It’s collected in Just Before Dark.